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How can Skin Tags and Warts be treated with a simple cautery

Cautery for Skin tags & Warts

What might be completely harmless might not appear aesthetically pleasing. A skin tag is one such thing. It is a delicate hanging skin piece that can grow from any part of the body and is mostly not dangerous. On another note warts may look similar to skin tags but they are a viral infection and are contagious to self and others. Both these are the most common conditions treated by cauterization. So say goodbye to self-consciousness and get your skin tags or warts removed today with Cauterization at our Auro Skin Clinic. But before heading further, you should learn more about the procedure. That's why we are discussing all you should know about the Cauterization procedure.

What is Cauterization of Skin tags?

Cauterization by radiofrequency or electrocautery involves burning a small part of the skin to prevent the growth of skin tags or warts. This operation causes tissue necrosis which causes removal of the skin tag and the wart. Finally leads to the regeneration of newer skin over the cauterized area in the next 7-10 days.

While it might sound painful, patients don't have to worry. During the procedure, our clinical dermatologist numbs the part of the skin by anesthesia- either topical cream or injectable. Our expert ensures that you don't experience any pain or discomfort. After numbing, our dermatologist removes or burns the skin tag with the help of a radiofrequency probe or electrocautery probe or laser. It can be done on any part of the body including the eyelids, nose, genital mucosa. Cauterization is not just used for skin tags or warts. Other indications for Cauterization include DPNs, giant acrochordons, benign moles, ear lobe repair, milia, mucous cysts, and hemostasis, among others.

Benefits of Cauterization

Some of the benefits of chemical Cauterization of skin tags or warts:

  • Minimal side effects: After performing Cauterization for skin tags, there are fewer side effects. Our skin specialists prescribe topical antibiotics which help in fast healing of the wounds.

  • Affordability: Cauterization of skin tags or warts is very pocket-friendly. At our clinic, you get Cautery at an affordable fee. In addition, you can connect with our specialists for a skin consultation at a budget-friendly price.

  • Quick process: Our dermatologists minimize the time consumption during Cauterisation. Therefore, Auro Skin Clinic saves your time as well as money.

  • Safe option: The cauterizing process is one of the safest options for removing skin or warts.

Our skin specialist will inform you about all the precautions before Cauterization. There should be no major event in the next 10 days if the procedure is being done on face. The specialist will prescribe the appropriate care and precautions after the surgery. These precautions include protecting the normal tissue until the surgery and prescribing topical and rarely oral antibiotics or any other medication after the surgery to avoid any problems. Our Clinical dermatologist also ensures that Cauterization is not performed on patients with active skin infections, uncontrolled diabetes, or keloidal tendency. Other alternatives to cauterizing skin tags or warts are chemical cautery, snipping off, freezing with Hydrozid device - cryotherapy, laser removal treatment. Auro Skin clinic offers all these methods to the patients.

We have one of the best skin specialists in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai. If you struggle with skin tags or warts, you can trust the team at Auro Skin Clinic. Forget all your troubles as our experts specialize in cauterizing skin tags and warts. At Auro Skin Clinic, Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai, patients develop a comfort zone around them. Consult with the clinical dermatologist at Auro Skin Clinic today and ask any questions about your skin problem. We are happy to answer all your queries. Contact us today!

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