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Important tips for newborn skin care

New Born Skincare

Your priority to nourish your infant is top on our list as well. Skincare for newborns is as important as it is for adults; therefore, at Auro Skin Clinic, we provide special care to your child. So if you are looking for a Skin Specialist in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai, your search ends here. Book an appointment for your baby’s skin consultation today. Some of the common skin problems that your infant might be suffering from are as follows:

  • Pink Pimples: Pink pimples, also known as Neonatal Acne, can last for days and even months on an infant's skin. In some cases, no treatment is required. In some other cases, care and treatment should be given.

  • Cradle cap: Cradle cap, also known as Seborrhea, often appears in the starting months of life. Symptoms of this skin disease are the greasy and yellowish crusts that show up on the infant's scalp. Symptoms may also include irritating rashes on the face, neck, ears and armpits of the child.

  • Eczema: Eczema refers to the red rashes or the itchy skin patches which usually occur on the newborn’s chest, legs, arms, elbows, face and behind the ears and knees. Causes of eczema include dry skin and/or allergies.

  • Prickly Heat: This skin disease involves red bumps on the child’s body. It appears mostly where the infant’s body sweats more such as armpits, behind the knees, diaper area and the child’s neck.

  • Candidiasis: It is a fungal infection that has various forms. This infection can occur on the infant's tongue and is called thrush. It is white in colour and looks like dried milk. However, thrush cannot be scraped off just like that. A wide red rash may develop in the diaper area due to this fungal infection. This rash is often surrounded by smaller bumps. Candidiasis can also develop behind the knees or in the creases of the infant's thighs as it develops mostly in the moist areas.

At Auro Skin clinic, your baby is in the right hands. Our Skin Specialist in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai has years of training and experience. As a result, we will guide you to take care of the skin of your newborn in the right way. Contact us for your infant's skin consultation today. Our Clinical Dermatologist is one of the best doctors in the area and will not only consider the medical history and other relevant details of the child but will also consult the parents by asking for their detailed medical history as well. Only after all these factors are considered the clinical dermatologist will prescribe the necessary treatment or medicines.

As a renowned Skin Clinic in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai, we are experts in treating various kinds of skin diseases, both adults and children. When it comes to newborns, our clinical dermatologist will take good care of your baby's skin. We ensure that all protocols are followed, and we meet with you regularly to check for any symptoms even after the treatment. So don't worry as you have with you the best Skin Clinic in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai. Contact our Skin Specialist in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai today! 
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