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Understanding Cryotherapy with Hydrozid for wart treatment

Understand cryotherapy with Hydrozid Device

Skin problems like warts and skin tags cause a lot of issues to the skin as warts are contagious and skin tags mechanically and aesthetically trouble the neck/underarms etc. Recently, medical science has developed Hydrozid can technology to treat such skin issues by cryotherapy. The combination of conventional cryosurgery with new techniques provides effective results. Skin specialists at Auro Skin Clinic also consider it as one of the most accurate and safe options. Today, we are going to discuss cryotherapy with Hydrozid here.

Understanding Hydrozid can for cryotherapy

Hydrozid device incorporates conventional cryotherapy and cryosurgery with modern aerosol technology. Our skin specialists treat mucosal lesions, warts, skin tags etc., with this technology. It works on a user-friendly methodology. The Hydrozid device contains norflurane propellant. It is similar to the fuel opted in asthma inhalers. The device offers negligible evaporation losses. As a result, it works in a highly optimized way for cryotherapy. It also doesn’t require frequent replenishment. Moreover, the norflurane propellant comes with a -103.3 degree Celsius melting point. That’s why there is no requirement for specialized storage.

Hydrozid can also be very easy to store. It can easily be transported from one hospital to another if required. The shelf life of Hydrozid can have a span of 3 years.

Features of Hydrozid-can for cryotherapy

Hydrozid has been proven very efficient in skin treatments where cryotherapy is needed. It is because of its several quality features like;

  • Latest spray head design The new design of the head of the Hydrozid can allow better control over the application of cryogen which offers efficient cryotherapy. The ergonomic design provides comfort even during intensive application. It also reduces the buildup of solutions due to condensation during application. Furthermore, the narrow tip allows a more accurate solution spread on the affected area during cryotherapy.

  • Easy to carry The Hydrozid can is easy to carry and portable. The size of the Hydrozid can is compact, which makes it easy to transport between different clinics. In addition, the device can treat actinic keratosis, skin tags, condyloma, mucocele etc. This makes it widely applicable in different clinics for skin treatment.

  • Accurate results Hydrozid can provide highly effective results during cryotherapy. The norflurane freezes the lesion in significantly less time. In addition, the -103.3 degree Celsius melting point liquefied gas shows fast results. It is also a certified alternative to liquid nitrogen.

  • Accurate applications The Hydrozid can offer accurate application to the lesion. It puts the solution in every 2 to 3 cm distance within 2 to 6 seconds. In addition, the can comes with its application template. This enables accurate application without damaging the surrounding healthy skin.

  • Immediate treatment Healthcare professionals as well as patients' time is precious these days. With warts multiple sessions may be required that’s why the Hydrozid device brings a super fast treatment option. This requires no prior preparation before the treatment. Moreover, there is no need for anesthesia before freezing or costly storage amenities.


If you are suffering from skin tags or warts or a mucocele, then cryotherapy with Hydrozid can be the most effective solution. You can opt for cryotherapy treatment at Auro Skin Clinic in Vile Parle Juhu, Mumbai. We have one of the best skin specialists for warts treatment. To know more about us, call 91360 95925.


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