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What is chemical peel procedure & how does this work on your skin?

Chemical Peel Procedure

Due to aging, increasing pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle, the occurrence of dead cells and wrinkles on the skin has become a common issue. However, this makes the skin look dull and affects a person's self-esteem. On the other hand, healthy, youthful, and glowing skin is a dream of everyone. And chemical peel procedure helps in making it come true. Also, conditions like stubborn acne, acne marks, dehydrated and dry skin, under eye pigmentation, lip pigmentation, melasma, acanthosis nigricans, xanthelasma, keratosis pilaris etc are some of the common skin conditions where chemical peels benefit. Check out how you can leverage the experience of our professionals and enjoy the benefits of the chemical peel procedure.

Understanding chemical peel procedure

The Chemical Peel procedure is a process wherein a chemical solution is used to remove the top skin layers. The procedure helps decrease wrinkles, scars, tanning, acne or discolored skin. When the top layer of dead and unhealthy skin is removed, new skin cells grow. So, the skin becomes smoother and devoid of any marks. The procedure is conducted to treat the face skin, back, hand, feet or any part of the body including underarms, eyelids, lips and it can be used with other products or procedures like Laser, microdermabrasion for the effectiveness of treatment. Chemical Peels can be done at light depth as well as more depth. The penetration depth is determined by the treatment choice and the issue to be treated. The description of the three depths is as follows:

  • Light Chemical Peel: The light chemical peel aims for the top layer of the skin. The outer skin layer{top layer of epidermis} is removed with a gentle or light chemical peel. It works on fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, and dryness. Every two to five weeks, you can get a light peel session. In majority of these one doesn’t see evident peeling of skin. It’s microexfoliation.

  • Medium Chemical Peel: A medium chemical peel is used to remove cells from the outer layer of skin (first few layers of epidermis) It helps treat wrinkles, scars, acne, and discolored and uneven skin texture. To achieve the intended effect, you might have to repeat the operation. There is peeling of skin visible which settles down in a week's time.

  • Deep Chemical Peel: A deep chemical peel eliminates considerably more skin cells. A clinical dermatologist prescribes a deep chemical peel to treat deeper wrinkles, acne scars, and precancerous growth. It is generally avoided in Asian skin except in a few selected cases due to chances of hyperpigmentation.

Procedure- The area of the skin to be treated is first cleansed with a pre peel solution. Then the Peel is decided and applied in a methodical way over the affected area. Every peel has a different time of contact period. Sometimes sequential peels are done or combination peels are done too. After the time is over chemical peel is neutralized with post peel neutralizer and then an appropriate cream and sunscreen is applied. There are a few peels which are left over for a few hours.

Some International brands’ products used to do chemical peel are mentioned below.

  • Sesderma: Nano and liposomal technology are crucial to reaching the deepest layers of skin. There are a variety of encapsulation techniques in skincare, but Sesderma NanoDermatology has taken it a step further. Our bodies do not recognize the active substances because they are encapsulated in membrane structures identical to human cell membranes. It enables the nanometric size of the nanosomes, which is 3,000 times smaller than the epidermis pores. In addition, it blends fat-soluble and water-soluble active components in one product.

  • Mesoestetic Chemical Peel: Peels from Mesoestetic brand aims to utilize the maximum skin generation efficiency of the skin. It brings out accelerated new skin cell generation, however, monitored. It incorporates chemexfoliation agents to remove the external stagnant skin cell layer. As a result, the layer just below it comes out and generates new cells as a reaction. The procedure works to offer minimum downtime with fast skin regeneration.

At Auro Skin Clinic, we ensure that patients get the highest level of satisfaction and minimal side effects. There are a wide range of chemical peels used for different indications sourced from the best companies around the world. We have the best skin specialists in Vile Parle Juhu Mumbai, and hence rest assured that your skin is in safe hands. Contact our clinical dermatologist today for a skin consultation and get the right treatment for your acne, marks, and discolored skin. To know more about us, call 91360 95925.


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