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Terms of Use

Auro Skin Clinic

Auro Skin Clinic & Pharmacy, an establishment registered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, ("Clinic", "Auro") is providing dermatology services in Mumbai through its website, ("Website") which are subject to the terms and conditions of the services used are set forth in this agreement. (Privacy Policy available here at 

The terms and conditions stated in this agreement are all applicable to, and governing, the provision of Services by the relevant Hospital body, i.e., Auro Skin Clinic, an establishment registered in Mumbai, (referred to as the "Service Provider") in multiple locations through the Website, including the terms and conditions applicable to the booking of an appointment, cancellations, refund and all other transactions in connection with services provided ("Terms of Use").

Website & Services
The Website is owned and operated by Auro Skin Clinic & Pharmacy, a sole proprietorship registered under the Maharashtra Shops & Establishment Act 2013. 

We aim to provide you the following services through the Website, ("Services"):

  • Booking appointments with relevant medical practitioners associated with the hospital and registered under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, ("Medical Practitioner");

  • Virtual co
    nsultations with Medical Practitioners using video conferencing("Tele-medicine Services");

  • Imparting relevant information about the Clinic, its practices, and specialties along with more information about the Medical Practitioners.

"Cookies" are used on this website. Cookies are small data files that a website saves on your computer’s/device’s web browser’s cache. These are used to remember your preferences, prior browsing habits, profiling you, in addition to tracking your behavior on the site to ensure a smoother browsing experience. You recognize, accept, and expressly authorize us to place cookies on your web browser by visiting the Website.

Your acceptance of these Terms of Use is communicated to us by your usage of the Website, and/or use of the Services. If you don't wish to agree with any of the Terms of Use, you should stop accessing or using the website. These terms are updated on a periodic basis and therefore, it is our request that you kindly check your use or access the website to be informed about the latest version. Further queries regarding the Services offered and Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy can be raised by you by reaching out to us at 

You represent that you meet the following primary eligibility conditions when you use the Website:

  • You must be at least eighteen years old. If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will be considered the recipient / end-user of the Services for the purposes of these Terms of Use.

  • You are legally capable of contracting and are otherwise capable of receiving the Services.

  • You have not previously been suspended or removed from the Services by the Service Provider, or have been disqualified from using the Services for any other reason.

Use of the Website
When you use the Website as an end-user and recipient of Services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will submit true, correct, and complete information on the Website, upon which Services will be rendered.

  • Prior to providing the Services, we retain the right to confirm, without assuming any obligation or responsibility to do so, all information and documents presented by you, such as your age and identity, as well as to request any additional information or documents that we deem necessary in our sole discretion to verify your name, age, address, email address, phone number, medical / case history, or any other necessary information, and you hereby acknowledge and agree that you will comply with our requests. We retain the right to cancel your appointment without giving any reason or accepting any obligation if you fail to provide the additional information and documents that we request.

  • You may only read and access the content available on the Website in order to use the Services, and only in accordance with these Terms of Use. You must not change any content on the Website, nor should you reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute, or otherwise use it for any public or commercial purpose, or for personal benefit.

  • Unless expressly permitted in writing by the service provider, you may not reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, broadcast, create derivative works from, alter, reverse-engineer, deconstruct, decompile, or otherwise exploit the Website or any portion of it..

  • You would be solely responsible for all access to and use of this Website by anyone using the password and identification originally generated in relation to your use, even in the case of the access and use not actually being authorized by you, including without limitation, all communications and transmissions and all obligations (including, without limitation, financial obligations) incurred through such access or use. You are entirely responsible for the security and confidentiality of any passwords or other identifiers generated in conjunction with your use.

  • You must not use any of the information on the website for commercial purposes.

  • You must not claim to be another individual/entity, and/or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your identity, age, or association with another individual/entity.

  • Youmay not submit any content that is prohibited by law and/or labeled as "Prohibited Content."

If we suspect you have violated or are likely to violate applicable law or these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to reject service or terminate accounts at our discretion.

Prohibited Content
The following content is prohibited and is not to be uploaded to, distributed, or otherwise published over the Website which includes any content, material, or other information that:

  • belongs to some other individual/entity and over which you have no control;

  • is hurtful, harassing, defamatory, blasphemous, vulgar, pornographic, pedophilic, or invading another's private matters.

  • is hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or derogatory of any individuals or group of individuals

  • has something to do with or appears to facilitate money laundering or gambling,

  • in any manner hurts minors;

  • violates any patent, trademark, copyright, or other form of intellectual property;

  • violates any legislation mentioned in the constitution of India that is currently in effect;

  • deceives or misleads the recipient regarding the message's origin;

  • disseminates any information that is blatantly insulting or dangerous in nature;

  • impersonating another individual/entity;

  • contains software viruses and malicious programs;

  • endangers India's unity, integrity, defense, security, or sovereignty, cordial relations with foreign governments, or public order;

  • incites or inhibits the investigation of any crime, or insults any other country.

You further understand and agree that if you do not comply with the aforementioned terms, we reserve the right to remove such information and/or terminate your access to the Website and/or Services immediately.

Limitation of Liability

You confirm that you understand and agree to the following by using our Services:

  • Any content on the Website about diseases and medical problems is purely reading material and is provided for educational and awareness functions alone. In no way should this material be regarded or relied upon as medical advice or diagnosis. Users should seek the advice of experienced medical professionals if they require it.

  • We are not accountable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential losses or damages, including, but not limited to, losses and damages resulting from the loss of data or profits, arising out of or in conjunction with the use of the Website or availing of the Services.

  • We are not liable for any third-party exploitation of data, as well as any acts, deeds, or situations beyond our reasonable control, such as security and theft of data or other sensitive information.

  • If the Service Provider markets or promotes any Services to you, please be aware that you will be responsible for determining whether or not the Services are appropriate for your needs. Marketing or advertising of services should be regarded as purely informative and should not be interpreted as professional advice on their suitability for your individual healthcare requirements.

  • In no circumstances will the Service Provider or its affiliates be accountable to you for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, reliance, or exemplary damages arising out of or pertaining to the Service Provider's or its affiliates' performance.

(i) Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy; (ii) your usage, or failure to use, the contents/functions of the Website; and (iii) your use of any third-party tools and services, including those used to access Telemedicine Services.

This clause will outlast the expiration of this agreement as well as your use of our services in perpetuity.

Data & Information Policy
In the case of any personal information you disclose to us, and by extension, we respect your right to privacy. Please visit our Privacy Policy at to learn more about how we gather and utilize your personal information.

We utilize industry-standard security procedures for the purpose of securing the Website and the information provided by you, and we are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of the information submitted and provided by you on the Website.

We make every effort to maintain the Website's integrity and security, as well as the Website's online payment gateway provided by a third party vendor, whichever is applicable, to the best of efforts which are possible within our discretion. Despite our best efforts, security and confidentiality breaches might occur. By availing of our services or accessing this website, You hereby understand that we are not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of any security or technical breaches or any other unforeseen exploits. 

You agree to indemnify and hold us and the concerned medical practitioner unaccountable for any and all losses, damages, liabilities, charges, obligations, and expenses, including reasonable litigation fees, that we or the concerned medical practitioner may incur or suffer as a result of, in connection with, or arising out of

  1. Your usage of the Website and/or the use of or your attempt to utilize our Services;

  2. Any misrepresentation, inaccuracy in, or breach of any of your representations and warranties made under the stated Terms of Use, or any breach of any term, covenant, undertaking, or obligation contained in this Agreement, or any violation of applicable laws;

  3. Your failure to submit honest, correct, and complete information and documents in a timely fashion;Y

  4. Your concealment of material facts or failure to provide us with necessary information
    and documents;
  5. Your failure to follow the MedicalPractitioner's instructions, advice, or prescription;
  6. You providing erroneous or inaccurate payment information, or you using a bank account, credit card, or debit card that you do not lawfully own; and.
  7. Allowing another individual/entity to use or access your account.

Intellectual Property
You recognise that we are the rightful owners of the Website and all intellectual property rights contained on it, and that we have registered all trademarks, trade names, taglines, logos, programmes, processes, designs, software, technologies, inventions, and materials on the Website, as well as all services provided by the Medical Practitioners. Without our prior written permission, you are not permitted to utilise any of the Website's material in any manner. 

Other Conditions
Accuracy of Information Displayed and Provided by us.
We have made every attempt to display the information on our website as precisely as possible. Any information about diseases and medical disorders, on the other hand, is purely reading material designed for education and public enlightenment purposes. In no way should this material be regarded or relied upon as medical advice or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for any information on which you are capable of doing on your own due diligence to determine the veracity, and solely you are responsible for making an assessment of the information and Services' suitability for your purposes.

Third-Party Resources & Links
The links provided are solely for your information. Only where the Website contains links to other sites and resources offered by third parties (including where our social media sharing plug-ins include links to third-party sites). We have no control over the content of these third-party websites or resources, and we assume no liability for them or any loss or damage that may result from your use of them.

Force Majeure
When events beyond our reasonable control create non-compliance or a delay in compliance with any of the obligations we assume under any Contract, we shall not be liable ("Force Majeure"). Any act, incident, failure to exercise, omission, or accident that is beyond our reasonable control is considered Force Majeure, and includes, among other factors, the following:

  • Lockdowns, Strikes, or any other major forms of protest or displays of mass dissent.

  • Civil unrest, insurrection, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (declared or undeclared), or threat or preparation for war.

  • An explosion, a storm, a flood, an earthquake, a collapse, an epidemic, or any other natural disaster.

  • Impossibility of using public or private transportation or telecommunications networks.

  • Any government or public authority's acts, decrees, legislation, regulations, or prohibitions, including any judicial ruling.

Our contractual duties should be considered suspended during the time that Force Majeure is in place, and we will be permitted an extension of time to fulfil these obligations by an amount we will disclose to you, which will not be less than the time that the Force Majeure situation lasted.
In the event of a change in law, we reserve the right to indefinitely cease our duties and any other obligations under any contract and/or deliver the Services under the new Terms of Use.

Governing Law & jurisdiction
The laws of India will govern the use of the Website and the provision of Services contracts through the Website. Any disagreement arising out of, involving, or pertaining to the Website and Services, or the interpretation of any part of these Terms of Use, or the breach, termination, or invalidity thereof, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai, India.

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